Jasa Setting Proxy High Perfomance

Di Jamin Youtube tercache & Game online terupdate cepat
  • Pelatihan & Setting On the site
Mobile Phone:085868788968
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DP minimal 30 % dari harga mobil baru atau bekas. Syarat untuk karyawan/pns: Fotokopi KTP pemohon, Kartu Keluarga, Rincian Gaji, Rekening Listrik, Surat/Akta nikah, Telepon, PDAM, PBB, Rekening Tabungan & NPWP
Syarat untuk wiraswata:Plus SIUP/TDP, Laporan keuangan terakhir
Contact Person : Eka (082227594993)
Pin BB : 52595EA2

Jasa Pembuatan RT RW Net dan Warnet

Modal Hanya 5 JT-an..!!!


=>Radio Access Point TP-LINK

=>Antena OMNI


=>Kabel UTP 25 meter

=>CPU P3 Mikrotik 2nd, CPU Dual COre Proxy Server 2nd dan Tower 3 Pipa Galvanis


=>Lebih Murah dalam 1 paket komplit

=>RT/RW-Net Siap Pakai

=>PJK akan membantu promosi

Call/SMS = 085868788968
Pin BB :52595EA2

Sewa/Carter Mobil Dalam Kota / Luar Kota (Se-Jawa) + Sopir.
Hubungi: Eka HP: 085868788968 / 082227594993
Pin BB : 52595EA2
Jl. Akasia Raya No.5 Perumahan Kalisalak Batang
Jl. Trapesium 3 No.15 Perumahan Limas Indah Pekalongan


Hubungi :

Mobile Phone:085868788968
Pin BB:52595EA2

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Welcome to the Lusca Web Proxy Cache!

Welcome to the Lusca Web Proxy Cache!
What is this all about?
Lusca is a fork of the Squid-2 development tree. The Lusca project aims to fix the shortcomings in the Squid-2 codebase whilst maintaining the the Squid-2 functionality and stability.
This project provides existing Squid-2 users with a migration path to an actively developed codebase and new users with a stable, predictable software product to deploy.
Why Lusca?
Like its predecessor, Lusca supports the majority of HTTP/1.0 and HTTP/1.1 protocol and caching constructs including ETag/Variant entities. Among other things, it supports HTTP content load balancing, fail over, intelligent request/reply routing, high performance memory and disk caching, an overly-flexible access control system, support for both high performance forward and reverse proxy modes. It supports a variety of clustering protocols, including ICPv2, ICPv3, CARP and HTCP for both clustering and control. Lusca supports Cisco WCCPv2 interception in both software and hardware forwarding modes.
Users, Administrators and Developers alike are invited to participate in this small but growing community of users who wish to continue using a well-understood, stable web proxy/cache platform but have need of something with more performance, features and scalability.
Lusca continues to include fixes and developments from the Squid project where appropriate alongside its own growing list of improvements.
Project Goals
The medium goals include:
• IPv6 client support;
• HTTP/1.1 support;
• Disk and memory storage improvements for high-performance environments;
• Smaller run-time memory footprint for embedded/low performance environments;
• Modern documentation, case studies and example configurations
The long term goals for this project include:
• Dramatically improved single-core CPU performance;
• Threading support to include multiple-CPU support;
• IPv6 server/client support;
• Inline content adaptation, modification and processing support;
• A "modular" approach to building network applications